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Careers at RAKBANK

All new employees are selected on the basis of their qualifications and individual merits. Once we have received your application, a member of the RAKBANK recruitment team will assess whether you match the criteria for any current vacancies. If you do, you will be invited for a first interview, and if successful, you will be short listed and invited for further interviews.

Depending on which position you apply for, you may be requested to undergo a series of tests designed to assess your aptitude and suitability for the job.

As long as you complete all stages of the interview process, and have been selected for a position within RAKBANK an offer of employment will be made to you.

If you are the type of person that can make the most out of an opportunity and progress within a fast growing bank, then we would like to hear from you.

RAKBANK looks for team players who are either seasoned professionals with proven ability and experience in their respective fields or a UAE National with or without experience who is interested in starting or progressing their career in the banking sector.

One of the main distribution channels for RAKBANK’s award winning products and services are through its wide network of branches. The current network comprises of a number of branches spread throughout the UAE with increased visibility and enhanced geographical spread amongst 26 branches in the South region (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman, Kalba and Khorfakkan) and 7 in the North region (Nakheel, RAK Town, Manaie, Rams, Shaam, Al Dhaith and Badr).

From Architecture to Software Development, Application Support to Infrastructure Management, there is bound to be an opportunity for you to build the IT career you want at one of the most successful, tech-savvy and innovative banks in the region. The Information Technology Department manages and supports the entire IT Infrastructure and Software Applications at RAKBANK, enabling various business teams to focus on offering better products and services to our esteemed clientele.

RAKBANK is committed to protecting all forms of information belonging to its customers and the Bank. The Information Security function provides assurance to the Bank’s internal and external customers through a comprehensive enterprise information security program based on risk perception, threat definition and regulatory requirements.

Wealth Management provides premium banking services for high net worth individuals. It is a one stop shop that offers customers an entire range of bespoke banking products and services.

Wealth Management is segmented as:

  1. Private Banking
  2. Wealth Segment
  3. RAKPrime

The key differentiators of Wealth Management are:

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Superior service
  • Access to wide range of financial products and services to suit client requirements
  • Confidentiality of information

At RAKBANK we believe in providing the best service to our customers. Nothing is more important to us than to ensure that our valued customers are completely satisfied with our service. We provide customers access to information, products and services, as well as the means to get their requests processed at the earliest.

RAKBANK’s Contact Center is one of the best in UAE and includes the following sub-units:

Inbound Contact Center: The Phone Banking helpline is the first point of contact that assists customers with their queries and service requests 24x7.

Outbound Contact Center: At this division we contact our existing customers to offer various services and products of the bank tailored to their requirements. Our priority is to keep the customers informed about our latest products and services beneficial for them.

The SME team is focused on providing financial services to small and medium enterprises, and offers customers a range of products and services specifically tailored to meet their fund based and non-fund based requirements.

RAKBANK spearheaded the credit card revolution in the UAE market by being the first Bank to offer FREE Credit Cards for life, Cashback rewards with the lowest rate of interest and a host of value added services. RAKBANK has strategically positioned its Card products by providing unique features according to market demands. Today, RAKBANK is considered one of the market leaders in Credit Cards.

Commercial Banking supports corporate entities in meeting their banking requirements to ensure smooth operations of their business activities. Generally, the services offered acts as a ‘cash flow bridge’ for entities across different business sectors. Presently, RAKBANK’s preferred business is to provide finance for short term, working capital and trade related requirements of corporate entities.

Additionally, Commercial Banking extends Term Loans to assist various businesses and investors in large development projects such as the building of a factory, warehouse or commercial building.

Credit is responsible for formulating credit policies and evaluating, processing and approving all retail asset products and proposals. RAKBANK has a centralised credit processing unit for branches and direct sales to provide better control and streamlined processing. projecs comprise of tele-collection and recovery units. The primary function of these units is to reduce, control and manage delinquencies across all asset products.

At RAKBANK we treat every point of contact as an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our customers by providing the best Quality of Service. The Service Quality & Training team works together to infuse this culture of service within the organization by laying down high standards, consistently measuring, monitoring staff and processes and developing service skill sets through training. Our main priority is to serve our customers “Simply Better”, to delight them not only the first time but all the time.

Cross Sell is all about Identifying and fulfilling multiple financial needs of the Customer.

Building the Cross Sell culture across all Units and distribution channels in the Bank, creating business synergies between product fulfillment teams and sharing sales opportunities on existing customer database with various distribution channels in the Bank, is what the Unit is successful at doing.

Acting as an independent control assessment and assurance unit, Internal Audit assists members of the Bank to carry out their responsibilities effectively. Providing RAKBANK’s Management, Board, Divisions and Departments with analysis, assessments, recommendations, advice and information, Internal Audit examines the effectiveness and adequacy of the Bank’s internal control and quality of performance in carrying out assigned responsibilities.

Auto Loans provide customers with a range of auto financing options and services. RAKauto Loan is one of the market’s leading products. RAKBANK’s success is owed to maintaining a customer friendly and flexible, yet strong and acceptable policy towards lending and risk. There are a number of auto loan centers that provide a personal service to both new and existing customer requirements.

RAKBANK’s Sales division is a dedicated unit that is responsible for new customer acquisitions. They are the Bank’s on-ground ambassadors constantly promoting the latest products and offers suitable for customer’s needs.

Finance is responsible for maintaining an accurate record of all financial transactions and for planning, forecasting, budgeting and performance measurement against various KPI’s and peer comparison benchmarks. Ensuring compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards and Central Bank guidelines, Finance also liaises with external auditors, rating agencies and the Capital Markets Authority.

Administration is the custodian of RAKBANK’s assets and responsible for central purchasing and inventory management.

RAKBANK’s Human Resources supports various business divisions within the Bank with the strategic and practical implementation of design, delivery and support in managing RAKBANK’s human assets in the areas of recruitment, employee relations, management and staff development, reward management and organisational design.

Compliance, Legal & Internal Controls is a centralized and independent department in RAKBANK with the objective of ensuring that the Bank is compliant with UAE’s Central Bank guidelines and legal framework. There are 3 distinct areas in this department:

Responsible for Bank’s AML Compliance Policies & Procedures, ensuring the Bank’s compliance to the requirements of the UAE Central Bank procedures for anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, ensuring ascertainment of customer identity through implementation of Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures and related guidelines, monitoring of clients’ accounts to detect unusual/suspicious transactions and remittance screening.

A dedicated team handling all legal issues for the Bank, including litigations, vetting of Contracts/Agreement and regulatory compliance.

A centralized team who is a custodian of all Operating Procedures of the Bank. In addition, responsible for defining and approving user access privileges for all Applications.

RAKBANK Amal is the Islamic Banking window of RAKBANK. It has been officially launched to the public in January, 2013 aiming at serving those customers who seek Sharia compliant banking services and products. A qualified and experienced team of Islamic Bankers have been hired to look after the RAKBANK Amal Customers' needs while maintaining the award winning customer service level that RAKBANK has always been known for. Islamic banking offers a portfolio of innovative, Sharia compliant financial models that formalize this unique arrangement between customers and the Bank. It is being offered across all RAKBANK branches’ network by all RAKBANK staff to ensure more convenience to our customers.

Marketing is responsible for four key areas:

Managing RAKBANK’s brand identity, including brand perception, exposure and recall of the Bank’s individual products and services and of the RAKBANK brand.

By consistently monitoring the market environment, Marketing ensures that new products and services are in line with market and customer requirements and launched according to the Bank’s overall strategy.

Ensures that various media channels are used effectively to support the brand, products and services and to maximize the reach within the target audience.

With the continuous growth of internet usage in the UAE, we have established our digital presence through various targeted online and social media campaigns to reach our customers efficiently.

RAKBANK is one of the first conventional banks to offer mortgage loans in the UAE. The Bank has established itself as a leading mortgage lender since 2004 because of a reputation for award winning customer service and its approach of simplifying the usually complicated process of acquiring a home. The Bank offers mortgage finance services for most freehold ready residential projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Treasury is the custodian of RAKBANK’s liquidity and effectively manages the Foreign Exchange and money market positions of the Bank. Providing the Bank and it’s customers with a wide range of services that include Foreign Exchange spot and forward transactions and structured treasury products. Treasury acts in an advisory capacity and also offers hedges for exchange rate exposures and creates market related structures for customers seeking higher yields on their deposits.

Channels is RAKBANK’s technology enablers, providing the interface between IT and the business. The objective is to deliver efficient, accurate and error-free technological solutions that help the Bank achieve customer satisfaction and make it a leader in implementing the latest in banking technology solutions. Some of the Channels initiatives are Electronic Deposit Machines (EDMs), Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

Operations are responsible for management of operational support, business continuity planning and managing the entire RAKBANK property portfolio. Operations also comprises of Credit and Central Operations’ functions, managing ‘back office’ processing and supporting all banking functions offered to customers.

Public Relations and Corporate Communications are responsible for handling the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill. It involves the management of all communications and relationships within the Bank, and between the Bank and external audience. The main goal is to develop a deserved reputation for RAKBANK which is based on performance.

The Risk Management Department provides an independent appraisal regarding the Risk Management framework to the Senior Management through regular monitoring of Key Risk Indicators and Risk Self-Assessment. Risk Management also ensures compliance with Central Bank Basel guidelines and other regulatory risk reporting requirements.

'Projects' are RAKBANK's technology solutions enablers providing the interface between IT and the business units. Through a diverse pool of Functional, Technical and Project Management experts their objective is to deliver efficient, accurate and error free technological solutions that help the bank deliver innovative products and service to efficiently serve the customers, and be a market leader in banking technology solutions. As a one stop shop, Projects department is responsible for end-to-end delivery of all the system changes.

To help our customers secure their future and meet their financial goals, RAKBANK Bancassurance team brings a suite of savings and insurance products offered by leading Third Party Insurance providers in the UAE. Specifically designed to safeguard family's future and meet the financial needs – be it children's education or marriage, retirement, building a dream home, insuring a car or securing the business, Bancassurance lets our customers plan comfortably for any financial eventuality.

RAKBANK holds regular training programmes for UAE national graduates. Whether you hold high school certificates, diplomas, higher diplomas, bachelor degrees or postgraduate qualifications, we will have a course for you

RAKBANK has a strong commitment towards national values and over the years has become a force in driving forward the Emiratisation agenda.

  • Seek and encourage UAE nationals to form a career with RAKBANK
  • To provide a comprehensive banking training programme through a series of structured modules
  • To enhance and develop the skills of UAE Nationals

On completion of the training programme, there are numerous career routes available to you in both customer facing and back office roles.